The Witch, the Cat, & the Egg


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Written by Joanne Lécuyer 
Illustrated by Max Courville

Juliane is a young witch that lives on the border of a magical forest. She knows its secrets and the magical creatures that live there. Many of the King’s knights and other peasant travelers seek her help to guide them through the forest.

One day, in a vision, Juliane is shown a very large egg. She has no idea what the vision means. As the day unfolds, her cat Magicus will lead her to a place where her quest will be revealed. Juliane will need to call on a few of her magical forest friends to help her fulfill a very important promise.

Book 1 – Witch and the Cat series.
Book 2The Witch, the Cat and the Water Dragon

Genre: Chapter Book
Category:  Children’s fiction, fantasy, magic
Age Group: 7 to 10
Language: English (also available in French)
Format: print (softcover) and e-book
Inside:  Color illustrations
Pages (print): 62
Print Book size:  6×9
Published Date: November 2010

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WOW Joanne! The Witch, the Cat and the Egg is a magical story that I’m sure children will love for years to come. As you know my girls are all grown up but I bought a copy of it for a great nephew and read it first and was transported back to a make believe world. The fact that there is no violence in it makes it even better. Can’t wait to read Kaptain Vamp! Keep up the good work!

Brenda Mason – June 27, 2015

What I liked about the book is that it had an interesting story. And my favorite character was the cat Magicus. I also liked the witch because she is nice and helpful.

Jenna Bowron – June 27, 2015

Hi my name is Kishan from O.M.S (Ottawa Montessori School). I read your book The Witch, the Cat and the Egg, it was awesome!

Kishan (boy) – June 27, 2015

Your book’s really good! I think it’s so awesome the way Sarl can see the future and send images to Juliane’s mind. It’s pretty cool how Magicus can sense people’s intentions too. I like the idea of all those magical creatures in the forest, like the blue tricorns and the glowing butterflies. It was really interesting even though it was an early readers book and I usually read teens books.

Emilie (teen) – June 27, 2015

Hi Joanne,
We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed reading “The Witch, the Cat, and the Egg”. We loved all the different creatures in the forest. We also loved how there was just enough pictures, every time I turned the page my little one asked what the picture was. We are looking forward to reading about the water dragon. Thanks!

Danielle G. (mom) – June 27, 2015

My daughter loves your book “The Witch, the Cat and the Egg”! We have been reading her a chapter every night before bed. She always looks forward to continuing the story! Thank you very much!

Karyn, mom (Mallory 4) – June 27, 2015

The Witch, the Cat and the Egg’ is absolutely awesome. The little challenges at the beginning where she helps the farmer and the knight, and then has to choose between staying at the cottage or moving closer into the village to taking on the bigger challenge of moving the egg keeps the pace of the story moving along so well. The details from her childhood were very interesting and helped build her character. All the little challenges were tied up nicely at the end leaving a few things to wonder about and makes you hope for a next book. The story even includes some life lessons, nicely packaged! Really great work.

Erin, Teagan’s Mom – June 25, 2015

This book was outstanding. I liked all the interesting details that flow from the story. I liked it so much that I hope there will be a sequel!

Teagan, 10 – June 25, 2015

I read the book “The Witch, the Cat and the Egg” and loved it. Then I gave it to a grade three teacher to read to her class. Again, she and the students loved it. I hope we will see more titles like this one soon.

Rosemary, Library Technician at St. Rita / St. Augustine School – June 25, 2015

I am Rebecca. I am 8 years old and I just finished your novel last night. I could not get my nose out of the book! My grandma sent me the book and said that there would be more to follow and I can’ t wait to read the next one. Thank you!!

Rebecca – June 25, 2015

Hi Joanne! I really like the book The Witch, The Cat and the Egg. It was really fascinating. The reason I started reading it is because once you came to my class and let us write a story about Master Steve the eraser and Thomay the shoe! Now in the class we are all writing a story together about them. Anyways, please make a bunch of giant books, I would really like to read them!

Jenna – June 25, 2015

Hi Joanne, I loved the book! If your wondering if you could make it better, DO NOT THINK THAT!!! It’s a genius of a book! Please do not change a thing!!!

Olivia Reynolds – June 25, 2015

I finally had an evening to myself and devoured your charming book in one sitting. I wish that I was younger and could read more of this type of wonderful book. It is like a forced meditation. I am left wanting to know more about the forest adventures and the dragon egg.

Laura Young – June 25, 2015

I loved The Witch, the Cat and the Egg. It was an innovative story with a strong female character and a great message about never being afraid to ask for help. We’re in this boat together and we all need to collaborate. What a perfect message to send to prepubescent and young teens.
The book was also fun to read. There were flying fox bats that required snacks and an egg that needed to hatch.
The illustrations were terrific and the characters were unique. I know this book will do well.

Sigrid Macdonald – June 25, 2015

Hi Joanne, I loved the book! If your wondering if you could make it better, DO NOT THINK THAT!!! It’s a genius of a book! Please do not change a thing!!!

Olivia Reynolds – June 25, 2015

Hi Joanne!
I’ve posted a review of your book on my blog! C’mon by to check it out! Smid

Gwen Smid – June 25, 2015

I enjoyed the story, characters and message! You really brought the story to life.

Sylvia – June 25, 2015

Joanne, I really enjoyed this book. I’m a big fan of fantasy and this delivered. The illustrations are beautifully vivid. I’m looking forward to more in this series (hopefully meeting Junior) and I am especially anticipating Kaptain Vamp.

Katherine Alexander – June 24, 2015

The Witch, the Cat and the Egg carries you and your children to a magical place and time. The beauty of this book is the readability of its words and the unique storyline within. You find yourself sharing this story over and over again not only to your children and friends but to yourself as well.

Rob Mack ( an old uncle) – June 24, 2015

I read “The Witch, the Cat and Egg” with the heart of someone well beyond the age of 9 but I still fell under Juliane’s spell. Joanne has created a very enchanting world with a cast of characters we can all relate to. Juliane is a wise young lady and a fantastic role model for young girls today. I look forward to getting my signed copy…. and to the next story! Congratulations Joanne!

Shailagh – June 23, 2015

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