The Tales of Anex & Bit

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The Tales of Anex & But

Paperback: $15.00

E-book: Not available.

Written by Joanne Lécuyer 
Illustrated by Seth J. Rowanwood

There once was a sorcerer named Anexralis Plax, or Anex for short, who lost an eye in a failed magic spell. He lived in a salt rock cave near the Sea of Wonderment and Strong Winds with his cat named Bit. Anex isn’t a great sorcerer; nevertheless, he always has a number of tricks up his sleeves so to speak and a great number of tales to tell.  His cat Bit is his friend and companion, and their meeting is a whole other story.

Seth J. Rowanwood is the winner of the L. Ron Hubbard “Illustrator of the Future Award 2010”. He created all the illustratrions for this comic book on his Ipad!

Genre: Comic Book
Category:  Children’s fiction, fantasy, magic
Age Group: 7 to 10
Language: English
Format: print (softcover)
  Color illustrations
Pages (print): 25
Print Book size:  6×9
Published Date: May 2012

For large-quantity orders (over 10 copies), please contact us and we’ll gladly help you with your order.

I loved your book (The Tales of Anex and Bit). It was really funny in parts and the ending was ingenious – it was great the way you made the kids think about how they would end the book. I think it will be a great educational tool and very entertaining! Loved the graphics. The entire book was beautiful and funny.

Sigrid Macdonald (Author and Editor) – June 26, 2015

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