Shanlia and the Magic Pixie Dust

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Shanlia and the Magic Pixie Dust

Paperback: $15.00

E-book: $6.99

Written by Joanne Lécuyer 
Illustrated by David Girard

An inch berry fairy named Shanlia finds a pouch of magic pixie dust. Her best friend urges her not to open it, but Shanlia’s curiosity gets the better of her. Once the dust is freed, it releases a powerful magic spell that has an unexpected effect on Shanlia. She seeks out the Lord and Lady of the pixies to help break the spell. But at what cost?

Genre: Chapter Book
Category:  Children’s fiction, fantasy
Age Group: 7 to 10
Language: English
Format: print (softcover) and eBook
Inside:  Color illustrations
Pages (print): 99 p.
Print Book size:  6×9
Publishing Date: October 2017

For large-quantity orders (over 10 copies), please contact us and we’ll gladly help you with your order.

I thought some of the messages were great, both in the book and by the children. Keep up the great work! I love reading your books to my kids. I see their imaginations soar!

Cindy Saucier – November 18, 2016, test reader – Kindercare Daycare, Russell Public School

Tristan (8) – I really liked the story because it was funny when she could not get the pouch off.

Colin (8) – I liked the book, but there were not enough pages! It was still good but it was not long enough!

A.J.W. (7) – I liked that something was going to happen when she got to the forest!!

Andrew (8) – At the start it was so-so, but then I liked it!

Wyatt (9) – I liked the part about the fairy getting too curious and opening the bag and growing too tall. It was weird that she actually wanted berries for supper, but she is a fairy so that makes sense.

Caleb (6) – I liked the fairy dust!

Parker (8) – I liked it so much!

Joshua (9) – I really liked Bogsrun!

Cindy Saucier posts reviews from test readers (boys) – Kindercare Daycare, Russell Public School– November 18, 2016

Kai (8) – The book was amazing. Shanlia was my favourite character; the magic!

Joanne (9) – I like the book, it was very good. I like the part about when Shanlia starts to grow. Why did you pick her to be berry fairy? I hope you keep doing books and never stop!

Amber (8) – I loved the book! That book was amazing!

Sara (10) – I think that was a great book and I was always excited!

Freya (7) – Your book was really good! You are a writer and you are one of the best!

Sophie Anne (10) – This was a good book. I liked the part of Shanlia when she met the people and she helped them sell fruit.

Eva (8) – I really liked the part where Shanlia found the orchid and transformed her back!

Cindy Saucier posts reviews from test readers (girls) – Kindercare Daycare, Russell Public School– November 18, 2016

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