Puzzles – Shanlia

Now that you’ve read the book “Shanlia and the Magic Pixie Dust”, try out our word puzzles!

Click the PDF links below to download and print individual puzzles, the answer sheets, and colouring images.



Type of puzzle Download/print Description of puzzle
Decode a message PDF Use the key codes to reveal Gran’s message to Aunt Peachum.
Drop a letter PDF Drop a letter and find new words. Use the dropped letters to reveal a character’s name.
Scrambled PDF Unscramble words to reveal a message.
Answer sheets PDF View or download and print the puzzle answers.
Coloring images Click the image title. 1. Friends. Download the image and print to colour.
2. Pixie dust. Download the image and print to colour.
3. Effect of Pixie dust. Download the image and describe and draw your version of the pixie dust effect on Shanlia.


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