Topsyturvia (coming soon)

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Written by Joanne Lécuyer and Illustrated by Seth Rowanwood

Once upon a time long ago, when land was water and water was land, a very special place existed called Atlantia Morphalot. Incredible and fantastic creatures lived in this colorful and magical land, creatures that no one could have imagined—well, except for children.

This was no ordinary world. Of course, no grownups knew it existed; only children could visit, and it was only a dream away. Welcome to Topsyturvia. Dare to imagine and believe!

Seth J. Rowanwood is the winner of the L. Ron Hubbard “Illustrator of the Future Award 2010”.

Coming soon!

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SERIES: Book 1Join Lola and David on their first adventure in an extraordinary dream world!

Genre: Chapter Book
Category:  Children’s fiction, fantasy, strange creatures
Age Group: 6 to 9 or Grade 1 to 4
Language: English
Format: print (softcover) and eBook
Inside:  Color illustrations
Pages (print): TBD
Print Book size:  6×9
Published Date: TBD Coming soon!
Free Sample:  TBD


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