Kaptain Vamp and the Medallion Mystery (softcover)

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Written by Joanne Lécuyer and Illustrated by Amy Rottinger Vampire abilities, human compassion, and a mysterious medallion—Allistaire has all he needs to become the superhero he’s dreamt about. But will they be enough to get him through school, and the day-to-day challenges to come? With a wish and the help of his best human friend Rich, it seems that anything is possible! Book 2 of the Kaptain Vamp series. Read also: Kaptain Vamp Now available. For large-quantity orders (over 10 copies), please contact us and we’ll gladly help you with your order.

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SERIES: Book 2How does a half-human, half-vampire become a superhero? With the help of a mysterious medallion, passed down to him by his grandfather, his best friend Rich, Allistaire’s got it all figured out!

Genre: Chapter Book
Category:  Children’s fiction, fantasy, superhero, vampire
Age Group: 7 to 10 or Grade 2 to 5
Language: English
Format: print (softcover) and eBook
Inside:  Color illustrations
Pages (print): 74
Print Book size:  6×9
Publishing Date: Now available

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3 reviews for Kaptain Vamp and the Medallion Mystery (softcover)

  1. Cindy Saucier, Kindercare Daycare, Russell Public School (Test Readers)

    “I really enjoyed KV2 but found it a bit short. The bridge adventure was fun but then it was all over and I felt there could have been more. Overall, I think the kids were surprised we were finished. I know it leaves the door open for a sequel, but they said “that’s it!?” (Cindy)

    “I think Kaptain Vamp 2 was a great story and I loved it!” (Katie R., age 10)
    “I like the fact that he is part human and part vampire but a good vampire.” (Joshua R., age 9)
    “I loved Kaptain Vamp 2!” (Kai, age 6)

  2. Greyson hope

    Submitted on 2015/03/16 at 3:18 pm
    I went to the school in Ottawa and I saw Joanne Lecuyer and she was selling her books and I bought captain vamp. I read it and I loved it I hope her second one comes soon !!!

  3. Denise Guevara

    Hey Jo, Thanks for the opportunity to be your first test reader. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I think it’s an excellent story. The cover and first few illustrations are exceptional. My favorite chapter was the vampire history…really captivating! You have two excellent messages…Bullying is not ok, and the importance of doing good deeds.

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