Parents and teachers/Parents et enseignants

Livres Topsy Books is committed to encouraging kids to read by bringing them stories that are fun, positive and imaginative.

Each story will touch upon important life experiences such as sharing, asking for help, understanding others and seeing things through different perspectives, facing one’s own fears and limitations, building self-esteem and other topics. The experiences are illustrative of a positive way of being.

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Les livres Topsy ont été créés afin d’encourager les enfants à lire. Ces livres leur proposent des histoires amusantes et positives, avec beaucoup d’imagination.

Chaque histoire explore un apprentissage de vie important tel que partager, demander de l’aide, comprendre les autres, voir les choses d’un autre point de vue que le nôtre, faire face à ses propres peurs et limites, bâtir son estime de soi et bien d’autres sujets. Ces expériences sont toutes à l’image d’un comportement positif.

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Schools, Libraries and Bookstores

We offer discounts and special shipping rates to schools, libraries and bookstores. Please click contact us or or call 819-639-7789 to place your order.

The author would love to plan a visit to your school or library in Ontario or Quebec. Joanne lives near Ottawa and is available to do book signings in bookstores. Joanne is fully bilingual.

Les écoles, les bibliothèques et les librairies

Nous offrons des escomptes et des taux spéciaux de livraisons aux écoles, aux bibliothèques et aux librairies. Veuillez communiquer avec nous par courriel ou nous téléphoner au 819-639-7789 pour placer votre commande.

L’auteure aimerait planifier une visite à votre école ou à votre bibliothèque en Ontario ou au Québec. Elle est également disponible pour faire des séances de dédicaces dans les librairies. Joanne est bilingue.


Joanne offers fun and interactive story writing workshops for kids.  (Select the Workshops menu item for more information.) Her rate is $200 per 120 minute session or $350 for two sessions at the same venue, plus travel from Ottawa and accommodation if necessary. Please click contact us or call 819-639-7789 to book your workshop.

Thank you for making us part of your reading collection!


Joanne demeure près de la ville d’Ottawa. Elle offre maintenant des ateliers interactifs et amusants pour enfants tel « Comment écrire une histoire » . (Cliquez sur l’onglet Ateliers pour la liste et une description.)

Son taux pour une séance de 90 minutes est de 200 $ ou 350 $ pour deux séances au même endroit, plus les frais de déplacement d’Ottawa et d’hébergement si nécessaire. Veuillez communiquer avec nous par courriel ou téléphoner le 819-639-7789 pour réserver votre atelier.

Merci d’avoir ajouté les livres Topsy à votre bibliothèque !

12 thoughts on “Parents and teachers/Parents et enseignants

  1. Hey JO!!! I’m so excited for you! Would you like to get these into schools? I have worked at a couple and volunteered as well… Let me know. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Hi Teri. Thanks. I would definitely like to get the book into schools. I’m writing the type of books that I feel will help stir children’s imagination, without any violence. This one teaches them about not being afraid to ask for help! J:O)


  2. I read the book “The Witch, the Cat and the Egg” and loved it. Then I gave it to a grade three teacher to read to her class. Again, she and the students loved it. I hope we will see more titles like this one soon.


  3. The Witch, the Cat and the Egg’ is absolutely awesome. The little challenges at the beginning where she helps the farmer and the knight, and then has to choose between staying at the cottage or moving closer into the village to taking on the bigger challenge of moving the egg keeps the pace of the story moving along so well. The details from her childhood were very interesting and helped build her character. All the little challenges were tied up nicely at the end leaving a few things to wonder about and makes you hope for a next book. The story even includes some life lessons, nicely packaged! Really great work.


  4. I just have to tell you what a great book Kaptain Vamp is! I LOVED IT!!! I know it will be a big hit with the kids. Liv really enjoyed it as well. A few times, she stopped reading and tried to guess what would happen next. I think that is what makes a good book, she couldn’t wait to read on. She was totally enthralled, as was I! I also like how you threw in some larger words and words that we don’t use in every day conversations (at least us anyway!!). Liv asked a couple of times what that word means-I like that. It’s a perfect mix for kids,easy to follow and understand and also a little challenging. It’s perfect!


  5. Joanne Lécuyer’s writing workshop is a fun and interactive way to encourage children not only to read but to write creatively. All 25 children were listening attentively, which is no easy task in a Summer Camp. Thank you Joanne for inspiring tiny minds to create fantastic stories.


  6. Joanne presented three story writing workshops at the Ottawa Montessori School in May and June 2011. She was engaging, well organized, clearly interested in her subject matter, and she shared a wealth of information with us. Joanne interacted well with the students encouraging the importance of their creativity and teamwork with others. Our students experienced a highly interactive workshop and learned the many steps involved in writing a book. This is a workshop we would ask Joanne to do again in the future. As teachers, we would highly recommend this workshop to other schools.


  7. Joanne’s ‘Writing Workshop’ was fun, educative and interactive. 15 kids enjoyed, creating, writing and sharing ideas. They also learned the process of writing and publishing a book. Thank you Joanne for sharing your love of books. We will certainly to this again in the near future.


    1. Thank you to the Russell Library for the invitation to do the workshop and to the kids who came out on a cold and rainy day. It was great fun to share writing tips and ideas. I look forward to our next workshop! J:O)anne


  8. Ms. Lécuyer was an excellent workshop leader. She is also a very good author. I really enjoyed “Kaptain Vamp” and I would recommend it to anyone between the ages of 9 and 12.


  9. We read to the children every morning, and I have read three of Joanne Lecuyer’s books to my Kindercare Daycare children ages 5-11. They have enjoyed both “Witch” books and Captain Vamp. They were thrilled with the story (it really held their attention) and the beautiful illustrations in the books, especially “The Witch, the cat, and the Water Dragon.” We look forward to the third release. Thanks Joanne! Cindy Saucier


    1. Thanks Cindy, I appreciate your taking the time to read my books to the kids. It’s wonderful to hear that they are enjoying the stories. J:O)


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