My Friend Merlin

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My Friend Merlin

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E-book: $6.99

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Written by Joanne Lécuyer and Illustrated by Rich Lauzon

There is a great legend that has been passed down through generations about two young boys who would change history. One was destined to become a great king. The other was a druid, and his guide, mentor and friend. This is the tale of the meeting of Arthur and Merlin and how they changed the fate of magic.

Genre: Chapter Book
Category:  Children’s fiction, fantasy, magic
Age Group: 7 to 10 or Grade 2 to 5
Language: English
Format: print (softcover) and e-book
Inside:  Color illustrations
Pages (print): 121
Print Book size:  6×9
Published Date: October 2014

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I just finished reading this book and liked when Krag and Draw were doing a little dance – that made me cry, in a good way. I can’t wait to read your next fantastic book.

Colin, age 9 – June 21, 2019

This is an excellent tale of adventure and magic. Not only is the storyline captivating, but it offers subtle and valuable morals of kindness and generosity throughout. “My Friend Merlin” is a spin of the well-known tale of King Arthur and Merlin – offering a glimpse into what their friendship as young teens would look like. This book is perfect for young readers and imaginative minds! Well done, Joanne!

Caitlin Arlene – August 21, 2018

I read your book My Friend Merlin and would love to proof-read your up coming books. The best part in the book was when Merlin used his magic to lift up the stone that was covering the priest. I also read The Witch, The Cat And The Water-Dragon which I also loved.

Daniel B. (9) – June 27, 2015

My son Simon (age 10) won one your books “My Friend Merlin” at a Christmas Craft Fair. He is not a reader but loved your book so much he finished it and wants to read more of them. I would like to buy the ones that we don’t have please.

Noelle Cameron – June 27, 2015

My Friend Merlin is amazing! The story lets you join Merlin and Arthur on their adventure and you can almost visualize being there with them. With today’s television shows and some of the books out there for young kids it was refreshing to read one with no violence and teaches kids to let their imaginations soar. By providing a list of the cast of characters and learning new words and how to pronounce them was a bonus. LOVED the illustrations! I’m sure kids and parents alike will be thrilled with this book. Keep up the great work!!

Brenda – June 27, 2015

The children of “Kindercare” Daycare in Russell (Grades 1 to 5) really enjoyed Joanne’s latest book “My friend Merlin”. It really seemed to hold their attention. The illustrations were beautiful and the kids really loved them. From an educator’s point of view, I was able to ask them what certain terms meant and it got them thinking. From the children’s written comments, it appears they loved the story. They certainly were excited and are looking forward to what comes next.

Cindy Saucier, Kindercare Daycare, Russell Public School – June 27, 2015

Sophie Anne (8) – It was good when they caught the beetles.

Jack (8) – I liked when Arthur and Merlin used the magic of the crystal.

Kai (6) – I liked when Merlin moved the rock.

Emma Serson (8) – That book was the best book ever. My favourite part was when they were flying on Kragg. That was the best book ever!

Phibbey (6) – Loved when the boy Merlin got the magic!

Test readers – (Ages 6-8) Kindercare Daycare, Russell Public School – June 27, 2015

Sierra H.I. (10) – The story was very good. I really liked the part when they met each other.

William (9) – I really liked that there was magic.

Logan (9) – I take it back; this was the best book in the world! In fact, I really like dragons and magic. Pleaaase make more books like that!

Ryan (9) – This was the best book ever!

Karalia (9) – I think the book “My Friend Merlin” was good because they went on a lot of adventures and it was just a good book!

Katie (9) – This book was amazing! It took reading to another level. p.s. I loved the part with the crystal cave.|

Jacob (10) – I liked when they saved Draa the dragon.

Test readers – (Ages 9 & 10) Kindercare Daycare, Russell Public School – June 27, 2015

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