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Wonder what some of the words in Topsy Books mean in other languages?

Below, you can listen and learn some of the words in the book The Witch, the Cat, and the Egg.




English French Irish Chinese(Mandarin) Pinyin symbol Arabic عربي
Witch Sorcière Cailleach Wu BoWitch in Chinese Sa-hera ساحرة
Cat Chat Cat MaoCat in Chinese Kett قط
Egg Oeuf Ubh DanEgg in Chinese Bay-da بيضة
Owl Hibou Ulchabhán Mao Tou YingOwl in Chinese Boo-ma بومة
Magic Magie Draíochta Mo FaMagic in Chinese Sehere سحر
Unicorn Licorne Aonbheannach Du Jiao ShouUnicorn in Chinese Waheed al karne وحيدالقرن
Fairies Fées Sióga Xian Nv MenFairies in Chinese Geniate جنيات
Trolls Trolls Troll Yao Gui MenTrolls in Chinese Trollat ترول ات
Bats Chauve-souris Sciatháin Leathair Yi Qun Bian FuBats in Chinese Watta-Weet وطاويط
Butterflies Papillons Féileacáin Yi Qun Hu DieButterflies in Chinese Farashat فراشات
English Greek
Witch Μάγισσα
Cat Γάτα
Egg Αυγό
Owl Κουκουβάγια
Magic Μαγικό
Unicorn Μονόκερως
Fairies Νεράιδες
Trolls Γίγαντες
Bats Νυχτερίδες
Butterflies Πεταλούδες
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