About the Illustrators


Max Courville

Max Courville

The Witch, the Cat and the Egg (2010)—Max Courville

Max lives in Canada. A nature lover, he is inspired by the beauty of the wildlife and scenery around him. This inspiration and his own imagination fuel his artwork. Max is always looking for a good challenge.

Brooke Alexander

Brooke Alexander

The Witch, the Cat, and the Water Dragon (2014)—Brooke Alexander

Brooke Alexander is a freelance illustrator, living in Ottawa, Ontario. She studied at Canterbury High School of the arts, graduating with honours. She has a Bachelor of Art Illustration from Sheridan College. You can find more of her work on her at https://www.brookealexander.ca/portfolio/

Melissa Casavant-Nadon

 I Wish I Was… (Coming in 2018)—Melissa Casavant-Nadon

From a very young age, Melissa’s imagination and creativity were already emerging, greatly influenced by reading books! Being a creative type led her to an exciting career as a graphic designer which allowed her to express herself in various ways. She was thrilled to create the images for the picture book “I Wish I Was…” Melissa lives in Ontario, Canada.

David Girard-Illustrator (cropped)

David Girard

Shanlia and the Magic Pixie Dust (2017)—David Girard

David Girard is a freelance Illustrator who studied art and design, and animation for television at Algonquin College. David has a diverse background, from working on television shows for children,  commissioned illustration art from portraits and comic art, acrylic paintings, to wood-burning illustrations on signs and other media. He has also sculpted and painted wall murals for haunted themed attractions and other venues. David is a self-motivated and dedicated artist who is constantly experimenting to broaden his talents. His most recent venture has been illustrating children’s books for local authors – a picture book entitled Cocopuff, A Happy Tale and the chapter book Shanlia and the Magic Pixie Dust. A huge fan of graphic novels, David plans to publish his own award winning novel in the near future.

David was born in North Bay, Ontario. He now lives in Ottawa with his very supportive wife Jenn and their  two beautiful kids, Grayson and Kaylie.

Shavel Grayson

Various banners and images for Topsy Books—Shavel Grayson
Shavel is an energetic and passionate illustrator from Jamaica with a Bachelors’ degree in Fine Arts. She absolutely loves illustrating and is often pulling inspiration from music and her emotions. Check out her Behance portfolio to view more of her work at https://www.behance.net/Graysfantasy.

Rich Lauzon

Rich Lauzon

My Friend Merlin (2014), My Friend Merlin-Sword Quest (coming soon) —Rich Lauzon

Rich Lauzon is a coordinator and professor for the program “Pre-Animation and Illustration in the General Arts and Science” at Algonquin College, in Ottawa, Ontario. He takes great joy in sharing his knowledge of foundational drawing to his students in order to help them achieve their goals. Rich has a webcomic called SpacePestRemoval.com about a crew of aliens led by Strad and Pelet as they travel the galaxy looking to get pest control gigs.

He has a self-published, hard cover book called the Art of Richtoon.Rich also sells posters at various comicons and other conventions as well as on this Website:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/Richtoon


Matthew Loffhagen

Various banners and images for Topsy BooksMatthew Loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen is a British cartoonist and illustrator with a love of bright colours and nature. He’s created work for the London Science Museum, and his comics have been featured in Nintendo Force magazine. His art is also on permanent display at the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham, England. Check out Matthew’s illustrations on his website at http://matthewloffhagen.com/index.html.


Rhiannon Moore

Various images for Topsy BooksRhiannon Moore

Rhiannon is an artist, illustrator and passionate naturalist. At just 22 years old, Rhiannon has written and illustrated a book “The Octopus who Paints with Tea” which has been translated into Haida and published by Severn Suzuki, to help re-introduce the language to Haida children. She also works with several environmental organizations to raise awareness about environmental issues through her watercolour paintings.

Rhiannon donates 20% of all her painting and print sales to environmental charities. Check out her work at www.teahousestudios.com

Amy Rottinger

Amy Rottinger

Kaptain Vamp (2011), Kaptain Vamp and the Medallion Mystery (coming soon)—Amy Rottinger

Amy Rottinger has a BA in Illustration from the Cleveland Institute of Art. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA where she illustrates children’s books, book covers, designs logos, and more as a freelance artist for Halo Publishing. Amy released her first book in 2011, “The Last Seed,” a story where fantasy and the human world collide.

Her goal is to illustrate and design concept art for a gaming company, and be the best she can be. You can find more of her work at www.arottinger.daportfolio.com

Seth J. Rowanwood

Seth J. Rowanwood

The Tales of Anex and Bit (2012) / Topsyturvia (coming soon) / Tess (coming soon)—Seth J. Rowanwood

Seth is a designer, illustrator and writer. He lives in Canada where he loves to draw, write, bicycle, play flute, make raw chocolate and of course imagine as much as possible! Seth is the winner of the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrator of the Future Award for 2010. You can find more of his work at www.sethjrowanwood.com, www.inklight.com and www.pype.com.

Ana Santos

A Pocketful of Rainbows (2016)—Ana Santos

Anna has a natural talent for illustrating. She discovered her vocation for the arts in her childhood, and graduated in graphic design.  She feels comfortable and inspired by all the challenges presented to her through illustration and design. Ana is very passionate about creating illustrations and loves to learn, including using new technologies. She currently works on a variety of platforms as a freelancer through Fiverr and Elance. Anna has illustrated and edited several children’s books for authors and publishers from around the world! She currently lives in Cannes, France. Check out her portofolio at https://www.elance.com/s/santosana/portfolio/
Shanna Steals

Shanna Steals

Various images for Topsy Books—Shanna Steals

hanna Steals is an interdisciplinary visual artist who loves getting dirty working with all kinds of funky art materials. Shanna is also a visual arts instructor and crazy crafter who lives in Limoges, Ontario Canada with her incredibly supportive husband Richard, their two adorable black fur babies Onyx and Zeo and their two spunky degus Clyde and Dean. Shanlia is the first book she has illustrated. You can follow her work on Facebook, Twitter and on her Website www.shannasteals.ca