New Book – Tales of Anex and Bit

A and B book cover

Our newest book, The Tales of Anex and Bit, is just hot of the press.

It’s the story of a sorcerer named Anexralis Plax, or Anex for short, who lost an eye in a failed magic spell. He lives in a salt rock cave near the Sea of Wonderment and Strong Winds with his cat named Bit. Anex isn’t a great sorcerer; nevertheless, he always has a number of tricks up his sleeves so to speak and a great number of tales to tell. His cat Bit is his friend and companion, and their meeting is a whole other story.

It’s a short comic book, my first. I wanted to explore a new writing genre. It’s quite different writing dialogue while also trying to keep the story positive and fun. This will be a short series or 3 to 5 books.

The illustrator, Seth J. Rowanwood is the winner of the L. Ron Hubbard “Illustrator of the Future Award 2010”. He created all the illustrations for our first comic book on his Ipad! I just love the images and I know you will too! You can find more of Seth’s work at, and

The print version of the book is now available in our shop where you can save on the tax and shipping. Don’t forget to let me know if you’d like me to dedicated to someone special!

A French version of the book is in the works. Hope to have it out later this summer.

Please do let me and others know what you think of the book by adding your comment on the book page under “Our books”.

Happy reading and have a great summer! J:O)


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