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November and December were busy months. I launched my second book Kaptain Vamp at the end of November and attended a book fair. In December I did a few on-line interviews and I got a few book reviews. The latest book review by The Pen & Muse gave KV 5 stars! Here’s what Denise had to say:

Lécuyer’s Kaptain Vamp is a very cute story about a modern day vamp and his quest to change the relations between vampires and humans. Allistaire, is a young vamp who loves learning about humans and is on a quest to help the gap between the two groups. Together with his best friend, his super human abilities and some magic will they achieve this. I really enjoyed reading the story about Allistaire and his adventure to make things right. The illustrations are great addition to the story bringing it to life. Children will enjoy this read because it has all the makings of a great story, great characters, a beautiful lesson that is easily conveyed.

Thanks Denise! You can read the interview at The Pen & Muse.

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Good reading! J:o)

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