Free T-shirt to Buyer of 100th Copy

We are so very excited to have sold almost 100 copies of our first book The Witch, the Cat and the Egg, and in less than a month! To celebrate, we will give away a free T-shirt to the person who purchases the 100th copy. We are working on the designs for a small line of T-shirts featuring Juliane, Magicus the Cat and the mysterious Egg. The T-shirts will be launched in January 2011.

Published by Joanne Guillemette Lecuyer

Joanne Guillemette Lécuyer is a Canadian independent author who loves writing positive fantasy chapter books for kids. She invents characters and places and works with different illustrators to help bring her stories to life. Her vision for her “Topsy Books” is to stir the imagination and creativity of kids, and the young at heart, by writing stories that touch upon life experiences in a way that is positive, imaginative and most of all fun.

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