The Witch, the Cat and the Egg

Sales of the book The Witch, the Cat and the Egg are doing very well. We’ve sold 75 books in less than a week. The support and encouragement of familly, friends and colleagues has been overwhelming. Thank you!

Our shopping cart is almost operational on our website We will send an email out and post a message on our Facebook page when it’s ready. 

The book is also now available on on-line. It’s also available at Baico, 294 Albert Stree, suite 103 (corner of Kent) in Ottawa

Thank you to all who’ve added the book to their reading collection! J:O)

Published by Joanne Guillemette Lecuyer

Joanne Guillemette Lécuyer is a Canadian independent author who loves writing positive fantasy chapter books for kids. She invents characters and places and works with different illustrators to help bring her stories to life. Her vision for her “Topsy Books” is to stir the imagination and creativity of kids, and the young at heart, by writing stories that touch upon life experiences in a way that is positive, imaginative and most of all fun.

2 thoughts on “The Witch, the Cat and the Egg

    I just finished reading THE WITCH THE CAT AND THE WATER DRAGON and at the end of the book i realized that there was a THE WITCH THE CAT AND THE WATER EGG, I have that one in french, my aunt got me these books and you signed them.
    Please send my mom a email when you release your new books.
    The email is down bellow.
    And i’m not really a fan of reading!!!
    one of your favorite readers:Brooke Rennie Age 11


    1. Hi Brooke,
      I’m delighed that you enjoyed the 2 Witch books. You might also like Shanlia and the Magic Pixie Dust. The story takes place in the same forest but with different characters. I also released Kaptain Vamp 2 in December. I am working on Merlin 2 and a picture book for the fall.
      What is it about the books that made them fun for you to read? J:O)


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