Release of our First Book!

The Witch, the Cat and the Egg

The new children’s book author, Joanne Lécuyer, invites you to spend time in the magical forest of Ennyar with a witch named Juliane, her cat Magicus and a mysterious egg!

Order the book before 3 December 2010 and receive shipment before Christmas!  Go to our SHOP!

5 Replies to “Release of our First Book!”

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  1. I read “The Witch, the Cat and Egg” with the heart of someone well beyond the age of 9 but I still fell under Juliane’s spell. Joanne has created a very enchanting world with a cast of characters we can all relate to. Juliane is a wise young lady and a fantastic role model for young girls today. I look forward to getting my signed copy…. and to the next story! Congratulations Joanne!

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